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Healthcare in Greece: A Texan’s Tale!

With insurance back in Texas a doctors appointment goes a little like this. Call GP, give symptoms, hope like hell they have availability this week. If so, take time off work, show up to doctors office 20 - 30 minutes early. WAIT 45-1hr after appointment...

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Final sunset in Croatia

Currently, I'm laying here on a lounge chair staring out over the Adriatic Sea watching the sunset for the last time in Croatia. This country wasn't the country I was most stoked about seeing while in Europe. It has surprised me on so many levels. Zagreb,...

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And she said it looks like Alopecia

What? What is Alopecia I asked?  It was May 30th, 2017 and I was sitting in the chair having my roots touched up for the upcoming momentous events happening in mine and my daughter's life.  I was quitting my job, having a garage sale to sell my belongings,...

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I quit my job today!!

I can't believe today I gave my two-week notice to the job I have loved (and sometimes hated) for the last 4 years.  It's truly a bittersweet feeling.  On one hand, I'm sad that I'll be leaving all my fantastic co-workers and a secure job that has kept a...

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Snowmobiling at The Majestic Bobcat Pass

Set perfectly between Eagle Nest and Red River New Mexico on the outer skirts of the beautiful Carson National Forest are the best views I saw while visiting New Mexico.  I didn't think you could find these mountain views unless you went further North into...

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The Pull – Wanderlust From a Cubicle

Sometimes I wonder if there are other souls on this beautiful planet that feel like the earth itself is begging, even pleading for them to explore all it has to offer.    I’ve known now for at least a year that I don’t have a choice but to...

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